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Skilled Nursing Facility Therapy Provider in Wisconsin

Greenfield Rehabilitation Agency partners with Skilled Nursing Facilities to help weather reimbursement changes, increased regulatory scrutiny, and face ongoing staffing challenges. We equip you with a dedicated daily staff of expert therapists, a rehab director, and an RAC-CT certified Regional Director to support your entire operation. Our therapists collaborate between disciplines to ensure accurate assessments for the case mix index. We provide monthly in-services to the SNF staff to enhance their understanding of our clinical programs and the benefits of rehabilitation. By allowing us to administer therapy, you can focus on nursing and social work.

Full-Service Contract

A Full-Service partnership allows our therapy teams to meet resident needs by ensuring industry productivity standards, which yields a higher level of patient-centered care, ability to quickly flex staffing, and meet long-term care needs at a reduced cost. Allowing our partners to avoid overhead costs such as HR, recruiting, scheduling, payroll, benefits, compliance, and medical reviews gives you the freedom to meet your operational goals. A partnership also delegates ethical clinical competence and compliance with protocols, policies, and procedures to our experienced leaders who establish standardization of results in patient outcomes. PDPM has increased the need for full-service therapy providers. Our exceptional therapy team can navigate PDPM by consistently demonstrating, documenting, and defending the level of care provided.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Management Services Model

We appreciate the fact contracting out for therapy services may not be the best fit for every organization. To that end, we offer in-house management services as a solution, which allows you to keep the therapy team members as your employees but assures that they are being managed and supported by experts in rehabilitation services for the Medicare client.
Through our expertise, we can assure that your team understands the intricacies of Medicare as well as billing and regulatory implications so that they are able to secure reimbursement for the great services they are providing. We invest significantly in education and training to stay at the cutting edge of change in Medicare to ensure compliance at every turn.


We are solely based in Wisconsin, so our dedication to local communities allows us to offer unmatched customer service. Our team embodies the “Be the Duck” philosophy, so you can feel confident your therapy needs are in reliable hands with Greenfield Rehabilitation Agency.